The Greene Bowlodrome has been owned and operated by Sean and Byron Miller for the past six years.  During that time, the alleys have under gone re-furbishing with new paint, carpet, kids in-lane bumpers, new ball returns, fixtures, a new heat/ac unit, new lane oilier and many other little touches.  
Our lounge has been updated and re-furbished as well with many additions and improvements.
New outside touches like new paint lights and lettering. As well as a great outside patio and horseshoe pits.
We are located at 93 South Chenango Street in Greene, New York. Stop in or call to book your next outing or party!  607-656-9796


Leagues are held 6 days a week, Sunday through Friday. We are always looking for new bowlers to join our leagues, give us a call if you're interested 607-656-9796.


Want to give your child a new and fun party, give us a call for a kids bowling party, we offer bumpers for our alleys, no gutter balls!!! 

You can also view upcoming events, Bowlodrome hours a complete menu as well as a map and directions on how to find us.

We welcome visitors of all ages, whether you are looking to relax and have a cocktail after work, bowl a game or two, or have us host a party for you... The Greene Bowlodrome is the place! For more information please call, e-mail or stop by. We look forward to seeing you!

Check out our Menu for daily specials, we are currently offering a special bowling package as well!



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